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In order to post a listing on the Bishop’s Castle Business Network site you need to register. We charge a small annual fee – the benefits are that you have a modest presence on the site but if you have your own website the link that you create will vastly improve the indexing by popular search engines.


  1. Register (there will be a delay while we moderate a new user (this is a local business listing and not open to all comers)
    PLEASE keep you username simple – the system silently kicks out spaces and funny characters!
  2. Once approved you can login and create a listing.
    The first stage of this asks you to select a category – if you don’t see one that suits your business please contact us.
  3. Listings will cost £8 for anyone who opts in early – payments are made through Paypal.
  4. From July 1st 2015 annual posting fees will increase to £10.
  5. Images should be around 800 pixels on their longest side or they won’t upload.Contact us ( for any queries .

If you subsequently want to edit your listing simply login, find your listing in the main directory and click the edit button (this only works for your own listings of course!)